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Technische Universität Dortmund | Lehrstuhl für Förder- und Lagerwesen (FLW) Standort

Studentische/wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft – Robotics, Computer Science

  • Online seit 13.01.2021
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  • Studentische Hilfskräfte


The Chair of Materials Handling and Warehousing (FLW) at TU Dortmund is hiring student assistants (Bachelor and Master students). The work is within the Innovationlab project (https://www.innovationlab-logistics.com) which is a collaborative research project between TU Dortmund and Fraunhofer IML. The research domains of the project include logistics 4.0, autonomous mobile robots in warehouses, drone swarms, among others. To such ends, our lab deploys an advanced motion capturing system, along with a laser system, camera arrays, a variety of mobile and airborne robots, RF node arrays, and other innovative technologies.

We Offer:

Hands-on experience with robotic setups and multiple cutting-edge systems. We also offer flexible working hours (eg. before exams), and an exciting working experience with an international and interdisciplinary team. In principle, it is possible to write research papers based on the activity of our projects.

Your Responsibility:

The accepted candidate would be in command of a fleet of mobile robots (Robotnik RB1-Base). Responsibilities would include:

  • Fleet management
  • Organizing a multi-master setup
  • Trajectory prediction
  • General maintenance


A candidate is expected to have the following qualities:

  • A student (Bachelor / Master) in computer science, robotics, or a relevant field
  • Strong background in Robot Operating System (ROS) with practical previous experience
  • Solid experience in Python, Linux, and Git
  • Knowledge of C/C++ (additional)

If you are interested, please send your résumé to the provided email (along with any supporting documents). Also, please include samples of your previous projects if you have any (Github, GitLab, Kaggle, etc.) in your application email. Weekly work hours as a student assistant are typically between 7 and 15 hours.


Art der Beschäftigung
Zeitraum der Beschäftigung
Nach Vereinbarung
Montag, 15. Februar 2021 - 23:59


Hochschule / Einrichtung
Technische Universität Dortmund
Institut / Einrichtung
Lehrstuhl für Förder- und Lagerwesen (FLW) Standort
Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Str. 2-4
44227 Dortmund, Deutschland
Herr Hazem Youssef



Technische Universität Dortmund | Lehrstuhl für Förder- und Lagerwesen (FLW) Standort


Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Str. 2-4
44227 Dortmund